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Reflections of Volunteers Ė Snip-bits

LSSC Changjiao is a place where the miracles happen. Relying solely on donations, Brother David and his team managed to provide affordable yet quality English education to children, teenagers and even adults, teachers and the volunteers who serve in this house.      

However, it is not only the education work that makes the small village great, but the relationship developed in this house is the true achievement. Friendship, family bonding and everything ties built up propelled it to what Changjiao is today, Influential, meaningful and warm.  --Kevin Liu 刘文


When I first heard about this program, I was so interested to join it as I am one of the leaders of the Lasallia Youth Movement(LYM), which always serves the last, the lost and the needs and the least.  I was so surprised of the large number of students that Bro. David is serving.

LSSC is a place full of miracles. It is a miracle for BD to support all of the expenses of LSSC purely by the donations from the other parties. It is almost impossible for a person who works for no return in the society! Witnessing the significant improvement of the English proficiency of the students is really a glad moment. Last of all, I will say LSSC is a Large, Seriously Serving Community. Lastly, thank you LSSC for giving me such an extraordinary memorable time.  --Jackie Yu 余君


ďWe are sons of La Salle everyone, and no matter where we go.Ē  Lasallians from different parts of the globe came to LSSC and helped Brother Davidís teachings. I am so proud to say that I am one of them and this is my second time for me to be here. After graduated from La Salle College for two years, the concepts of Faith, Zeal and Community are still my motto. These three words shall never ever be forgotten. I strongly believe that education is nothing to do with profits and I am very proud of being a Lasallian. Education does change a life of someone. I have also learnt something from my students as well. Thank you Brother David for granting me such a chance.   --Chris Wong 王晋秋


During these two weeks I also learnt the true meaning of cohesion and help. When teaching, speaking with numerous audiences was a timid experience but the friendly faces of the locals kept me alive.  During the process of washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, doing the laundry, I always feel tired. Nevertheless, after seeing the floors and the dishes shiny clean, the sense of achievement cannot be described in words and I meet new friends too, the bonding becomes closer and deeper.  The musty smell of this notebook reminds me that Iím leaving on Sunday. My friends may our paths cross again and all the best in the future.  --Axel Wong 黄朗涛


Time certainly flies and I cannot believe that almost two weeks have passed since we first came to Changjiao Ö we lived in Meizhou, the centre of 客家人的traditions and cultures. Through the homestay in Aranís house, I understood more about the localís lifestyle and their hospitability. It has been a wonderful experience to me, not only physically, where I met people from different places and started to make friends with them, but more importantly, it also helped me grow as an individual broadened my horizon and prepared me for my future!  --Gordon Ho 何嘉宝


Time passes like the speed of light, the two weeks that looks like eternity to me before I come, turns out to pass without me noticing.  During these few, these very few days I have learnt that there is a lot more than the comfortable material life I have the fortune to enjoy in Hong Kong. More than the prosperity of Hong Kong, I prefer the fraternity of LSSC  Changjiao.  You will always be in our heart.  I am, you are, we are Lasaillian.  -Arthur Cheung 张小


Certainly, it is an unforgettable experience for me. Although this is my first time that I have been to Changjiao, I learn and get a lot during the three weeks. As a student, Iíve learned the spirit of sharing and the spirit of dream from Brother David. Iím more grateful for what Iíve had and keen to help others. As a teacher, I am proud of my studentsí progress. As a peer, Iíve made many good friends and spent a good time with everyone in Changjiao. However, there is no meeting without saying goodbye and today is the last day to stay here. I will regard this experience as a valuable fortune and cherish it. Look forward to meeting all of you next summer.  --Maverick Guo 郭鑫隆


The more important thing is not crying at the end and the separation, but thinking of what we have learned in the past 3 weeks and say goodbye to each other smiling. As for me, I am lucky to have the chance to be a student and a little teacher at the same time, from which I learn quite a lot.  I believe if you pay(give), you will gain(receive) always. Changjiao has provided me with a platform to pay, pay the time and pay the energy, and then I gain, gain the knowledge and friendship. I feel grateful a lot!!  Last but not the least, I want to say, time is up, but the memory about LSSC can last all the time.  --Coco  He丽颖


This yearís program has been a fantastic experience Ö we all have tried our best and things are going just the way we have expected. I hope tomorrow will be better!  --Steven Li李展


I am very grateful to him for giving me an opportunity to be a small teacher. I felt very excited when I knew that I would be a teacher. With the help of my teammates in group 3, I have dealt with many problems. They shared their ways and experience with me. I should not only thank them but also thank most of my students who want to learn English from me. We learned together, discussed together and played together with Hong Kong boys and teachers. We are going to be separated but we believe that we will meet and play again.  --Sun Yubin孙裕彬


First of all, I must thank Brother David for giving all of us a good chance to learn English here together.  As an English teacher in our town, I learn so much about how to teach English. In China, Ss dare not to speak English, including me, because we donít have language environment and afraid of making mistakes too. But Brother David encourages us to try to speak in English, forgetting all about our mother tongue her. He creates a good languages atmosphere here, we should use English everywhere as possible as we can. He teaches us how to pronounce well and puts words, grammar into songs, makes Ss have more interests in English and easy to master the sentences. Ss can not only learn knowledge here, but also can learn how to be a great person. The topic in this summer program is ďGiving and SharingĒ. BD teaches Ss must learn how to be thankful for what you receive and try to give.  I benefit a lot from BDís class, thank him for helping us learn English well again.  --Liao Sanmei 廖三妹  (*Junior High School English Teacher Ė Dabu-Huliao)


Thanks a lot for the typical experience at LSSC on 2014 summer vocation. I have been moved by what Brother David does: his passion of teaching, his care of students, and his responsibility for childrenís growth always touch my heart. Wish all is well for good man.  --Phoeby Shen (Jiayan University Lecturer)


In the summer 2014 study center. I know Brother David Liao, some teachers and may friends. Brother Liao teach our 做人的道理 and English song. That was useful. The group teachers are kind to me. Iím very happy to go this study center. I want go here last vacation. Iím very thankful to Brother give me this chance. --Li Diancheng 李典成


Being in Changjiao makes me feel like a little girl once again always by my grandmaís side. My grandmother was born a Hakka from Meixian.  Eating the local food here in Dabu reminded me of the Hakka food that my grandma used to cook for us at home. Speaking and hearing the Hakka dialect in Changjiao is like talking to her again. I feel good being here and being close to her. I love you, grandma. May you have peace in heaven.  ĖLV (Malaysian-Volunteer)


You influence me very much, Brother. Your enthusiasm for life and education that let me want to be a person like you. I donít know what will happen in the future, but I hope I can be a person who I wanted to be.  Good luck! --Zhang Congying 张聪颖


Dear Brother David, thank you very much for bringing us so much joy and guiding us all how to be a true man in the society in the whole summer. The grammar teaching method-grammar in songs is quite fascinating, it is not only enables Ss to grasp grammar easily but happily. More importantly, itís easily spread, I believe, soon in every corner of Dabu county, this song will be heard. I really appreciate your way of dividing the class into smaller groups, which grant students chances to communicate to share, to consolidate, to think up new ideas etcÖ. During this time, they learn the spirit of sharing naturally. You allow older students go give a speech in public on a topic, ranging from news to ethical questions. It turns out students become active and each of them has the courage and willingness to share in front. Finally, what impressed me most is the group presentation. Different groups do have innovative ideas. I would also like to thank all my group mates who are all responsible, creative and making students laugh when studying. They must teach in a relaxing way. Lucy is also whom I should pay tribute to. Itís really amazing for a girl of her age to be able to manage everything and have a good command of BDís teaching method demonstrating it so well. Aunty Rose is so helpful and dedicated. Hong Kong boys who are honest and friendly, outstanding have brought us knowledge about the world. At last, I want say ďBrother David, we all love you.Ē --Li Dan 李丹 (*Junior High School English Teacher - Dabu)


An important part in these three weeks is we chatted, we laughed and we worked together. It is really nice to see my old friends again. I love to take a walk and chat with them after dinner or meeting. We had a great time.         Although I may not be able to be here next year, I will never forget the happy and memorable experience with all of you at LSSC. I will definitely come back when I am free. Lastly, I would like to say thank you to Brother David for nurturing and taking care of me for so many years. I am enjoying my time here. --Lulu Liao 廖露11.     


In LSSC. I can make many friends. Lucy, Grace,Sunny, and some good friends. Shumin, Angela, Peggy, some good example Kelly,Amy,Jenny, and some Hong Kong boys like Chris, Arthur, Gregory. The last one is teacher, BD, Auntie Rose, Auntie LV and Uncle Marc.  ď5-1-/262-/7767/1---/5-1-/262-/7767/1---/.  This one is LSSCís divine tune. Do not forget me!  --Lavender Liang 梁怡佳


Coming back to LSSC has always been on the top of my to-do-list every year. Here, considered as my second home, has given me the chance to be part of LSSC. Here, I harvested friendships with the HK boys and with my students. Here, I learnt the real meaning of sacrifice and 有去有来,舍得分享 And I know, the time I spent here will be one of my wonderful memories. Happy to be back.   A memory lasts forever, and never does it die. True friends stay together, and never say goodbye. --Yanni Liu刘雁妮


I come Dabu first time. The environment is relaxed, people is very 热情, And I know some people, such as, Brother, LucyÖÖ the life is different from our school life. I stay with them learn too much. It teach you learn English and teach you 更多的how to grow as a person. In our school, nobody says English, but here everyone says English, 哪怕you canít speak English here. So I can improve my English listen.  还有2 days, the lesson is finish, we should 珍惜, because if you want to stay together with everybody, maybe in next year. Thank for Brother David, UncleÖ LucyÖand everybody.  --Shen Yufang 俞芳


Itís my honour to be Group 3ís leader, which gave me a lot of useful experience about teaching. At the beginning, everything was messy because Iím unfamiliar with the leaderís work. Luckily, many people stayed with me, giving me helping hands, which lead me to be stronger and more experienced. With both my group members and studentsí perfect co-operations, everything is getting well gradually. Itís fantastic for me to witness studentsí growth. Iím deeply moved. Staying here, I know how to share, how to be more responsible, how to look after others better. All in all, thank you BD for giving me such a wonderful chance to stay and help, thank you all my friends for being here with me whenever Iím sad. Iíll try my best to help and cherish everything here, welcoming my better future with all the things I have learnt in LSSC! --Amy Zou 邹若琳


I was so glad to live in LSSC, and this is my first time to live here. In this period, I had learned a lot of things from Brother David, like share. I was happy because I can share, and I met a various of people, some became my good friends and some still common. I will never forget that they had done something for me, made me so moved. At the beginning of live in LSSC, I always felt tired and enriched. Everyday have a lot of things to do, like teaching students. I think teaching student is a meaningful thing for us, when you teach you also can learn. And the students are very smart and well-behaved. I love them so much. At the end of live in LSSC, I think everybody is loathe to give up this place, loathe to give up Brother David. I donít want to leave, everybody is nice, we learn a lot, and we are the big family in LSSC. I will always remember the days I live in LSSC, and all of you are my best memory!  --Andrea Luo 罗张思


In Changjiao for three weeks, I have learned something. For example, share of spirit and 有去有来. I am very happy for these days with some new friends, and in the afternoon every day, I enjoy teaching small students. I love to teach, I think I will be a teacher in the future. That is only my imagination. Most of people are friendly. So I like to live here with them. I know BDís goal is making use much better, and he always say ďJust speak a few words, Itís ok.Ē He hopes all of us can try our best to do something. He is always encouraging his students. I think he is an outstanding teacher. I will always remember: ĎYou want to do but you wonít do, you have a daydream. You do it because you want, you have a dream.  --Linna Guo 郭琳娜


This place makes me better.  Brother David, a great man, can even change my life. Maybe sometimes I cannot express well how I feel good about him and Changjiao, he gave us so, so, so much.  Changjiao is a place where is full of love, happiness, friendship and warm-hearts. Itís quite comfortable for me to stay here to sing, to speak English or to do everything I want to. Every time when Brother is having lesson I learnt a lot. Not only the knowledge, but also the heart I would never forget.  He told me not to be afraid to stand high and speak out what you to talk, he told us to have many hi-bye friends, some good friends, few bosom friends, he told us to share, to give things to others, the perfect things are all make me moved.  Yesterday, Brother told me that his mission is ďTouching hearts, changing lives.Ē  I even cried at that time. I think Brother put this sentence into meaning, he has done well to do everything, being helpful to everybody, changing othersí lives, making sense.  I am Senior 1 student now, I am not clearly about my dreams, what I want to be, what I want to do, I just work and work, long for better grade. But since I came to Changjiao, I gradually want to be a person like Brother! Everything he did is what I really interested in.  Thank you, Brother David!  You know that I was moved when you say thank you to us or to me? You gave so much to others but never forget to appreciate anything you got!!   Thank you so much!! TAT  --Lana Fang晓澜


Unfortunately, I will leave for Huizhou in 3 days.  I have learnt many knowledge during three weeks, such as Basic Sounds, Grammar Song and Step Sentences. I have made many friends. The twins (Shuangjiang & Lianjiang) are such good cook. Vanda, Congying, Lana are so kindness and helpful. One girl named Vicky is good at playing the piano, and the boys, for example, Xujian, Kent, Xuexiang, they all are my excellent brother, we played trick on each other, we played basketball together, we made a party and congratulated for Hong Kong boys, we had a fun during 3 weeks. On the other hand, I will miss the boys who are from Hong Kong, for example, Jackie, Gregory, Chris and so on. I am your best friend forever!  The most important is I must say thanks to my teacher BD, Lucy and Gordon, I wish you to get happiness every day.  I hope that you will be healthier and healthier.  I really donít want to part with you! --Amao Zhang 张精茂



All good things must come to an end... that better things may begin!!!
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