La Salle Study Centre Changjiao


SUMMER 2014 Ė What They Say - Reflections of Volunteers - as is written





Reflections of Volunteers from Hongkong. (as is written Ė unedited)

1.  Changjiao is a place where the miracles happen. Relying solely on donations, Brother David and his team managed to provide affordable yet quality English education to children, teenagers and even adults, teachers and the volunteers who serve in this house.       However, it is not only the education work that makes the small village great, but the relationship developed in this house is the true achievement. Friendship, family bonding and everything ties built up propelled it to what Changjiao is today, Influential, meaningful and warm.               --Kevin Liu 刘文凯


2.  When I first heard about this program, I was so interested to join it as I am one of the leaders of the Lasallia Youth Movement(LYM), which always serves the last, the lost and the needs and the least. Thatís why I canít wait to apply for the program to help and most importantly, to make friends with other Lasallians in other parts of the world.  After attending the tutorial lessons as a tutor, I was so surprised of the large number of students that Bro. David is serving. LSSC is a place full of miracles. It is a miracle for BD to support all of the expenses of LSSC purely by the donations from the other parties. It is almost impossible for a person who works for no return in the society! Witnessing the significant improvement of the English proficiency of the students is really a glad moment. Last of all, I will say LSSC is a Large, Seriously Serving Community. Lastly, thank you LSSC for giving me such an extraordinary memorable time.  --Jackie Yu 余君乐


3.  In attempting to reach for the stars, no matter what, as long as sincere effort is put in, no one cannot at least reach the Moon.  LSSC is one of the best examples. For instance, the teachers, locally from Dabu or HongKong Lasallian schools like La Salle College and St. Josephís College, are sure to be somewhat green(inexperienced), and always are they naive. Despite this, however, it is possible to see from the nearly daily lessons that bonds grow quickly between students and teachers. English standards rise faster than a rocket, and an understanding of foreign cultures becomes possible. By the end of the Summer Program(American English has no Ėmme; only British English does), everyone feels as if they need leave the Garden of Eden after only just being taught to appreciate its beauty. How does this happen? The effort, the motivation, the raw talent/ability all come together at LSSC(Changjiao) and blend itself into one large melting pot. What comes out is an ineffable experience that any would envy, students, teachers and observers alike. --Gregory Wong王嘉能


4.  I can offer nothing but blood, tears, soil and sweat. This is what I can conclude in these past two weeks of teacher. ďA teacher cannot force a student to learn, it all depends on the student himselfĒ (Brother David FSC)  In this program, I now totally understand the responsibility of a teacher. A teacher is only an aid for the studentís path to success. Forced learning is useless, even if you are stuffed with knowledge, without self-motivation, it is really a short memory and in the long term and youíre only back to square one. A lackadaisical learning attitude for a student is truculent.  During these two weeks I also learnt the true meaning of cohesion and help. In the first two days for the inexperienced like me, Brother Davidís material was hard to utilize and to understand. I didnít know where to start and what to teach. Luckily, the amiable locals told me the aim of the materials and the lifestyle here and I left the style of the city of the hustle and bustle and adapted to the new environment. When teaching, speaking with numerous audiences was a timid experience but the friendly faces of the locals kept me alive. During the process of washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, doing the laundry, I always feel tired. Nevertheless, after seeing the


5. Time certainly flies and I cannot believe that almost two weeks have passed since we first came to Changjiao. We left the hustling and bustling metropolis, where modern escalators stood under bright lights, and came to the peaceful village, where everything seemed relaxing and quiet, yet not barren or spiritless. Instead of living the usual humdrum life in Hong Kong, we lived in Meizhou, the centre of 客家人的traditions and cultures. Through the homestay in Aranís house, I understood more about the localís lifestyle and their hospitability. It has been a wonderful experience to me, not only physically, where I met people from different places and started to make friends with them, but more importantly, it also helped me grow as an individual broadened my horizon and prepared me for my future!                                                  --Gordon Ho 何嘉宝


6. Time passes like the speed of light. The two weeks that looks like eternity to me before I come, turns out to pass without me noticing.  During these few, these very few days I have learnt that there is a lot more than the comfortable material life I have the fortune to enjoy in Hong Kong. Every drop of metabolic fluid and blood plasma proves to be the mana of god, proves to be the nectar of those who are stranded in the desert. Every blood platelet formed on my fragile skin crystallize into the rock of friendships. More than the prosperity of Hong Kong, I prefer the fraternity of Changjiao.

You will always be in our heart.  I am, you are, we are Lasaillian.  -  Arthur Cheung 张小宙


7.  LSSC, a field of dreams of thousands of younglings, fresh and eager to learn and ready to contribute to the world. This place helps nurturing volunteers like us. The experience in here will be invaluable to my future development.                                --Charles Cheung张小宇


8. We are sons of La Salle everyone, and no matter where we go.Ē This is one of the lyrics of our school song. It is now describing the situation at La Salle Study Centre Changjiao. This year, I met Uncle Marc, whom was a Lasalle student ages ago in Malaysia. Now he is working as a voluntary teacher with his wife Auntie LV. There were many other stories like Uncle Marc few years ago. There were Lasallians from different parts of the globe came to LSSC and helped Brother Davidís teachings. I am so proud to say that I am one of them and this is my second time for me to be here. After graduated from La Salle College for two years, the concepts of Faith, Zeal and Community are still my motto. These three words shall never ever be forgotten. So I cherished my last summer of being a student and decided to come back here, I am glad to say that many of the local people do recognize me and some of my previous students are now grown-ups. I strongly believe that education is nothing to do with profits and I am very proud of being a Lasallian. Education does change a life of someone. I have also learnt something from my students as well. Thank you Brother David for granting me such a chance.

--Chris Wong 王晋秋


Reflections of Local Volunteers (as is written Ė unedited)

1. Time flies and it has been three weeks since the project started. Certainly, it is an unforgettable experience for me. Although this is my first time that I have been to Changjiao, I learn and get a lot during the three weeks. As a student, Iíve learned the spirit of sharing and the spirit of dream from Brother David. Iím more grateful for what Iíve had and keen to help others. As a teacher, I am proud of my studentsí progress while anxious about their puzzles. As a peer, Iíve made many good friends and spent a good time with everyone in Changjiao. However, there is no meeting without saying goodbye and today is the last day to stay here. I will regard this experience as a valuable fortune and cherish it. Look forward to meeting all of you next summer.

--Maverick Guo 郭鑫隆


2.  Time passes always fast. The Summer Studying of Changjiao, 2014 comes to an end, making me some sad but there canít be a feast that is never over, which seems like a rule of nature. Therefore, the more important this is not crying for the end and the separation, but thinking of what we have learned in the past 3 weeks and say goodbye to each other smiling. As for me, I am lucky to have the chance to be a student and a little teacher at the same time, from which I learn quite a lot. When I am a teacher, I learn to be more patient and more careful, trying to make my little students comfortable and enjoy studying. When I am a student in Class D, I learn that I should grasp the chance to talk in front of other students to show myself, fearless.  Thus, I believe if you pay, you will gain always. Changjiao has provided me with a platform to pay, pay the time and pay the energy, and then I gain, gain the knowledge and friendship. I feel grateful a lot!!  Last but not the least, I want to say, time is up, but the memory about LSSC can last all the time.  --Coco  He何丽颖


3.  This yearís program has been a fantastic experience. Although I have to learn driving so I was quite distracted. I manage to complete my job as a group leader. As a university one student. I have perfected my way of teaching to better fit the style of my students. In a word, we all have tried our best and things are going just the way we have expected. I hope tomorrow will be better!  --Steven Li李展韬


4. I have learned English from BD and have been a small teacher in Changjiao for twenty days. I am very grateful to him for giving me an opportunity to be a small teacher. I felt very excited when I knew that I would be a teacher. Although I knew I would be in trouble sometime, I still looked forward to the arrival of that day, because I can challenge and improve myself. With the help of my teammates in group 3, I have dealt with many problems. They shared their ways and experience with me. I should not only thank them but also thank most of my students who want to learn English from me. We learned together, discussed together and played together with Hong Kong boys and teachers. We are going to be separated but we believe that we will meet and play again.  --Sun Yubin孙裕彬


5. First of all, I must thank Brother David for giving all of us a good chance to learn English here together.  As an English teacher in our town, I learn so much about how to teach English. In China, Ss dare not to speak English, including me, because we donít have language environment and afraid of making mistakes too. But Brother David encourages us to try to speak in English, forgetting all about our mother tongue her. He creates a good languages atmosphere here, we should use English everywhere as possible as we can. He teaches us how to pronounce well and puts words, grammar into songs, makes Ss have more interests in English and easy to master the sentences. BD also requires Ss should practice, practice and practice if they want to learn English well. Ss can not only learn the knowledge here, but also can learn how to be a great person. The topic in this summer program is ďGiving and SharingĒ. BD teaches Ss must learn how to be thankful for what you receive and try to give.  I benefit a lot from BDís class, thank him for helping us learn English well again. 

--Liao Sanmei 廖三妹  (*Junior High School English Teacher)


6.  Thanks a lot for the typical experience at LSSC on 2014 summer vocation. I have been moved by what Brother David does: his passion of teaching, his care of students, and his responsibility for childrenís growth always touch my heart. Wish all is well for good man.  --Phoeby Shen (Jiayan University Lecturer)


7.  In the summer 2014 study center. I know Brother David Liao, some teachers and may friends. Brother Liao teach our 做人的道理 and English song. That was useful. The group teachers are kind to me. Iím very happy to go this study center. I want go here last vacation. Iím very thankful to brother give me a occasion.

--Li Diancheng 李典成


8.  Time flies, blink of eye have already two weeks. But the source of memories in front surfaced emerges tease and happy when we got along well with others.  Remember I spoken English in Class D, I said if you want to succeed, you must try, because you have already better than havenít to try one. Donít be shy. When you heard Donít be shy, you will smile even if youíre sad. Itís my honored. Next year I will go to Senior three. I must study hard, I will catch opportunity donít let it go. Of course! I hope everyone can cherish get along with others time.  Fighting!!  --Grace Yang杨璇


9.  Being in Changjiao makes me feel like a little girl once again always by my grandmaís side. My grandmother was born a Hakka from Meixian.  Eating the local food here in Dabu reminded me of the Hakka food that my grandma used to cook for us at home. Speaking and hearing the Hakka dialect in Changjiao is like talking to her again. I feel good being here and being close to her. I love you, grandma. May you have peace in heaven.  ĖLV (Malaysian-Volunteer)


10.  I am glad to meet everybody here. This is the first time I am living with everybody except school life. I am very happy that I can meet many different things and people. I hope I can be brave to face all the difficulties. But sometimes I donít know how to do. I am a sensitive and a little pessimistic girl, but just sometimes. heheÖ

You influence me very much, Brother. Your enthusiasm for life and education that let me want to be a person like you. I donít know what will happen in the future, but I hope I can be a person who I wanted to be.  Good luck! --Zhang Congying 张聪颖


11. Dear Brother David, thank you very much for bringing us so much joy and guiding us all how to be a true man in the society in the whole summer. For the last 3weeks here, I seem to be engaged to an authentic English-speaking world where I can learn much in mention five aspects of your teaching that give me the deeping impression.

Firstly, thatís the basic sounds, which is easy to understand and follow for each level of students. Only by reading hard and aloud can you master all. Your mastery means your breakthrough change in pronunciation and reading.

Secondly the grammar teaching method-grammar in songs is quite fascinating, it is not only enables Ss to grasp grammar easily but happily. More importantly, itís easily spread, I believe, soon in every corner of Dabu county, this song will be heard.

Thirdly, I really appreciate your way of dividing the class into smaller groups, which grant students chances to communicate to share, to consolidate, to think up new ideas etcÖ. During this time, they learn the spirit of sharing naturally.

Fourthly, you allow older students go give a speech in public on a topic, ranging from news to ethical questions. That fulfills one of the three aims you teach-let them talk. It turns out students become active and each of them has the courage and willingness to share in front in the last 3days. You do succeed.

Finally, what impressed me most is the group presentation. Each group is either required to make a story or raise a question. Different groups do have innovative ideas. For example, group 4 has got more creation. Here, I would like to praise the group leader (Yanni) so much, while the sentences she designed are really idiomatic and met with BDís idea. She also managed each class well.

I would also like to thank all my group mates who are all responsible, creative and making students laugh when studying. They must teach in a relaxing way. Lucy is also whom I should pay tribute to. Itís really amazing for a girl of her age to be able to manage everything and have a good command of BDís teaching method demonstrating it so well. Aunty Rose is so helpful and dedicated. Hong Kong boys who are honest and friendly, outstanding have brought us knowledge about the world. At last, I want say ďBrother David, we all love you.Ē --Li Dan 李丹 (*Junior High School English Teacher - Dabu)


12.  Actually, these three weeks are undoubtedly busy and tiring. We had to wake up early to teach students with different English proficiency. Although sometimes it was quite a challenging task to teach them a language that they are unfamiliar with, I still tried my best to teach them with patience. I enjoyed the moment of witnessing the improvement of the students after the lesson. Besides sticking with my friends is another important part in these three weeks. We chatted, we laughed and we worked together. It is really nice to see my old friends again. I love to take a walk and chat with them after dinner or meeting. We had a great time.         

Although I may not be able to be here next year, I will never forget the happy and memorable experience with all of you at LSSC. I will definitely come back when I am free. Lastly, I would like to say thank you to Brother David for nurturing and taking care of me for so many years. I am enjoying my time here. --Lulu Liao 廖露11.     


13.  We had a summer holiday. It was fun, but it let me want to cry. We stayed in LSSC three weeks. We were have many recall. Somebody say teach students is very easy. But I think sometime is easy, sometime is very hard.      

Teaching students, sing songs, play gamesÖÖ It let me indelibility. I canít forget the party. The party is wonderful in every group. Music show, play games, sing songs I canít forget.  When in the evening, we ate ice-creams. We ate cup noodles, and we look stars. We experience the cooperation three weeks. The harvest is very big.  

In LSSC. I can make many friends. Lucy, Grace,Sunny, and some good friends. Shumin, Angela, Peggy, some good example Kelly,Amy,Jenny, and some Hong Kong boys like Chris, Arthur, Gregory. The last one is teacher, BD, Auntie Rose, Auntie LV and Uncle Marc.  ď5-1-/262-/7767/1---/5-1-/262-/7767/1---/.  This one is LSSCís divine tune. Do not forget me!  --Lavender Liang 梁怡佳


14.  I was never fancy at or good at any sports. but the day when we went hiking made me to exceed my capability. I was the Ďpointerí who led the team. Thousands of time I wanted to stop for a rest but I knew that those friends who climbed behind me want to reach to the top earlier. And we made it! On our way climbing up, we picked up the rubbish as much as we could. I didnít think much when we were collecting rubbish. But when I climbed down the same way, I noticed that what we did had made this place a cleaner and better environment.

Coming back to LSSC has always been on the top of my to-do-list every year. Here, considered as my second home, has given me the chance to be part of LSSC. Here, I harvested friendships with the HK boys and with my students. Here, I learnt the real meaning of sacrifice and 有去有来,舍得分享 And I know, the time I spent here will be one of my wonderful memories. Happy to be back.   A memory lasts forever, and never does it die. True friends stay together, and never say goodbye. --Yanni Liu刘雁妮


15.  I come Dabu first time. The environment is relaxed, people is very 热情, And I know some people, such as, Brother, LucyÖÖ the life is different from our school life. I stay with them learn too much. It 不仅teach you learn English and teach you 更多的how to grow as a person. In our school, nobody says English, but here everyone says English, 哪怕you canít speak English here. So I can improve my English listen.  还有2 days, the lesson is finish, we should 珍惜, because if you want to stay together with everybody, maybe in next year. Thank for Brother David, UncleÖ LucyÖand everybody.  --Shen Yufang 沈俞芳


16.  This year is the fifth year for me to stay and teach. After graduating from Senior High School, I can enjoy my life here more. Itís my honour to be Group 3ís leader, which gave me a lot of useful experience about teaching. At the beginning, everything was messy because Iím unfamiliar with the leaderís work. Luckily, many people stayed with me, giving me helping hands, which lead me to be stronger and more experienced. With both my group members and studentsí perfect co-operations, everything is getting well gradually.

Itís fantastic for me to witness studentsí growth. They didnít know Basic Sound but now they can put their own words to the song produced by BD, and can sing fluently. They knew nothing about the usages of verbs, but now they can make their own sentences, quite goodÖ

Every little change gives me big surprises, knowing that students make progress with the help of me and they hope me to be back, Iím deeply moved. Staying here, I know how to share, how to be more responsible, how to look after others better.

All in all, thank you BD for giving me such a wonderful chance to stay and help, thank you all my friends for being here with me whenever Iím sad. Iíll try my best to help and cherish everything here, welcoming my better future with all the things I have learnt in LSSC! --Amy Zou 邹若琳


17.  I was so glad to live in LSSC, and this is my first time to live here. In this period, I had learned a lot of things from Brother David, like share. I was happy because I can share, and I met a various of people, some became my good friends and some still common. I will never forget that they had done something for me, made me so moved. At the beginning of live in LSSC, I always felt tired and enriched. Everyday have a lot of things to do, like teaching students. I think teaching student is a meaningful thing for us, when you teach you also can learn. And the students are very smart and well-behaved. I love them so much. At the end of live in LSSC, I think everybody is loathe to give up this place, loathe to give up Brother David. I donít want to leave, everybody is nice, we learn a lot, and we are the big family in LSSC. I will always remember the days I live in LSSC, and all of you are my best memory!  --Andrea Luo 罗张思


18.  I have lived in Changjiao for three weeks. I have learned something. For example, share of spirit and 有去有来. I am very happy for these days with some new friends, and in the afternoon every day, I enjoy teaching small students. I love to teach, I think I will be a teacher in the future. That is only my imagination. Most of people are friendly. So I like to live here with them. I know BDís goal is making use much better, and he always say ďJust speak a few words, Itís ok.Ē He hopes all of us can try our best to do something. He is always encouraging his students. I think he is an outstanding teacher. I will always remember: ĎYou want to do but you wonít do, you have a daydream. You do it because you want, you have a dream.  --Linna Guo 郭琳娜


19.  The place makes me better.  Brother David, a great man, can even change my life. Maybe sometimes I cannot express well how I feel good about him and Changjiao, he gave us so, so, so much. 

Changjiao is a place where is full of love, happiness, friendship and warm-hearts. Itís quite comfortable for me to stay here to sing, to speak English or to do everything I want to. Every time when Brother is having lesson I learnt a lot. Not only the knowledge, but also the heart. Those good words are kept in my mind and I would never forget.  

He told me to be grateful, he told me not to be afraid to stand high and speak out what you to talk, he told us to have many hi-bye friends, some good friends, few bosom friends, he told us to share, to give things to others, the perfect things are all make me moved.  Yesterday, Brother told me that his mission is ďTouching hearts, changing lives.Ē  I even cried at that time. I think Brother put this sentence into meaning, he has done well to do everything, being helpful to everybody, changing othersí lives, making sense.  

I am Senior 1 student now, I am not clearly about my dreams, what I want to be, what I want to do, I just work and work, long for better grade. But since I came to Changjiao, I gradually want to be a person like Brother! Everything he did is what I really interested in.  Thank you, Brother David!  You know that I was moved when you say thank you to us or to me? You gave so much to others but never forget to appreciate anything you got!!   Thank you so much!! TAT

--Lana Fang房晓澜


20.   Isolation is to meet again! Unfortunately, I will leave for Huizhou in 3 days.  I have learnt in Changjiao for three weeks, I also have learnt too many knowledge during three weeks, such as Basic Sounds, Grammar Song and Step Sentences. I have made many friends. The twins (Shuangjiang&Lianjiang) are such good cook. Vanda, Congying, Lana are so kindness and helpful. One girl named Vicky is good at playing the piano, and the boys, for example, Xujian, Kent, Xuexiang, they all are my excellent brother, we played trick on each other, we played basketball together, we made a party and congratulated for Hong Kong boys, we had a fun during 3 weeks. On the other hand, I will miss the boys who are from Hong Kong, for example, Jackie, Gregory, Chris and so on. I am your best friend forever!  The most important is I must say thanks to my teacher BD, Lucy and Gordon, I wish you to get happiness everyday, I hope that you will be healthier and healthier.  I really donít want to part with you! --Amao Zhang 张精茂 


21.      首先感谢Brother David能给我这个学习的机会,感谢这个暑假21天的时间能让我学习到这么多意想不到的知识!这个暑假我学习到了英语,提升了自己的交际能力,认识到香港的男孩,让我知道了很多国际上的事情,然后接触到了这里的老师们,小老师们,同学们(这里就不写名字因为太多了)让我感觉到他们都有着共同的特点很友善,乐于助人。除此之外就是还有BD, Auntie Rose, Uncle Marc, Auntie LV, Lucy, 苏大哥,苏大嫂,他们教会了我很多做人的道理,让我知道舍得分享,帮助他人是那么的快乐,还有就是BD常教我们要学会感恩,学习到这么多知识。暑假还有2天就要结束了,之后我会有个锐变吧。


      还有两天这个暑假的课就要结束了,在这里认识了很多优秀的朋友。每天过的都很有意义,过的都很Happy,真希望这个暑假永远不会结束。最后还是要感谢Brother David 如果不是您,我们一定不会有这个机会再LSSC学习,您不求回报无偿的帮助大家学习英语,帮助了很多人改变了命运,在这里我要说一句Brother David您辛苦了,一定要保护好自己的身体,真的除了感谢不知道还能说什么了,下面还是继续说感谢吧。

      感谢Brother David 感谢帮助过我的所有人,感谢Lucy让我们在这个暑假过得这么精彩!!

--Zhou Shuangjiang 周双江


22.   I think so well in the three weeks. Actually, I think more severe than last year, that is good for us to do better. Sometime, we can not do very well, and something do lots of wrong. We will try our best to do better than now. Thank you for looking after in the three weeks. Thank you very much.  --Kelly Xiao肖玉泓


23.  This summer holiday, I came to Changjiao again, and I studied many things, like responsibility. When I want to take a rest, I remember I have duty not to finish. Rally, itís importance in LSSC, because if we not rally, we canít do our work well even canít finish our work. LSSC is a big family, so we must rally first. In these three weeks, we made many memories, washing up together, study together. But now, we have to say Goodbye. Although I am so sad, I must be stronger, BD is my favorite teacher, because he works very hard, and his lesson is so funny, he is a good man, we all like him.  I came to Changjiao because I like English, I want to be a translator one day. I think if I study hard, I will succeed. I believe myself.  Come to LSSC, I found I grew up. Here can teach me many useful things. Thanks to BDís help. I am not willing part with you. I canít forget this place, I believe, next summer holiday, we will meet again.  --Zhangxi 张熹


24.  I feel so happy in three weeks, because I have three weeks to do many things what I like to do and I am free here.  All of us are teaching students and have lessons everyday, and I think I have learned many important things from my students and lessons. Also, I made many friends here, someone is studying in the same school with me. I do my homework and call my parents every night. I think I am more independent than before, and after two days, we will say goodbye, I want to say thanks to everyone for taking after me in three weeks. Thanks a lot!    --Vickie Lai赖舒凡


25.  Firstly, thanks every one at LSSC especially BD and Lucy, they taught me very much things, and can give me the occasions to study, talk, learn and think.  In fact, I afraid that I will be gotten out (被赶出) LSSC. because these days I did many wrong things, But I also learn a lot, I want to be wrong more, it means I will learn more.  After HK boys left, I spent half an hour to think many things. I fact, I value the friendship of my, I donít want to lose my friends, it means I should always connect them but I donít have many times actually.  I thank the Group 2 members. They help me to improve my dare, and I can feel we are all good friends.  Thanks everyone at LSSC. Thanks what I have, Thanks love. --Richard Wen温旭键


26.   Hahaha! I think in this three weeks, everybody are feeling very happy, I am happy too. I make many friends these days, and also I learn English, my English is better than before.  In here, the life is very nice, we got up early but we go to bed too late, and when we have lunch or dinner, all the boys are finding meat in the soup. So, if you want to eat meat, please be early. And we work together, we are enjoying work when we work. Lulu calls my name every five minutes, always ĎJeff, Jeff, Jeff..í I am not to bother, because I know I am efficient.  And for the lesson, we are happy, also because we have learned English fast---Grammar song! We sing it every day, all of us knew that song is very useful, and I am a pupil teacher in Class B, I make friends with my student, they are very lovely and also naughty. But itís no problem, because we have Grammar song, all of us like this song very well, and in Class D, we are happy also, we sing the Grammar song like 唱山歌。 And I want to thank to someone and something, first, I thanks to Brother David to teach us and Auntie Rose, Auntie LV, Uncle Marc, Lucy and thanks to the life, thanks to the food, thanks to the sunshine and air.

--Jeff Liao 廖学祥


27.   Itís the 6th years I study in Lasalle Study Centre, but it is the first time for me to be a small teacher for 3 weeks. It was an amazing experience. These weeks, I always tried my best to teach students. But sometimes I would be disappointed to myself because of lack of patience with the weak students, I think making friends with students is a good try, so I made them laugh and even though they started to call me ďAuntie JennyĒ I wouldnít be upset, haha!! You may imagine how a teacher feels when the weak students can write or speak a whole sentence.  I appreciate Brother David and Lucy who gave me the chance to serve at LSSC and thank god gave some very cute students so I can teach them as well as study with them. I love this place! I love the people here because we live like brothers and sisters. Actually we love everything here except mosquitoes (but they seem to like me very much!) I think I got more than 200 mosquito bites on my legs and arms. So I will come back for the mosquitoes, Iím warmly received by them (just kidding hahaÖ) I have been given for 20 years, so I appreciate someone who gives me chances to give.  --Jenny Yang杨雯斯


28.   Dear Brother David and Lucy,

      这个暑假能成为LSSC的一员感到很幸运,这里有着我曾经认为不可能发生的事情。BD的无私奉献,给予我和连江一个读书的机会,让我又能当一名学生,学习英语。在LSSC学习英语的过程中,真的收获很多很多。有着愿意相互帮助的供血,恨不得教会我们的所有的小老师,和亲密无间的朋友,这让我的英语水平提升的非常快,思想上也得到了很大的提高,让我真切感受到,舍得分享,有去有来的思想,因为整个LSSC弥漫着这种精神。暑假快要结束了,我的内心真心不希望结束,有着太多太多的感情了。 最后感谢BDand Lucy给予我们大家的帮助。--Zhou Shuangjiang 周双江


29.   This is my second summer vocation here to help BD to teach English, I think it should be my pleasure. Every year there are a lot of touched and gains. BDís teaching method is very good, so all the people who study hard are greatly improved.   This yearís theme is 有去有来,舍得分享and BD came up with a good teaching method that is the English Grammar in a short song, let everybody very easy to remember. And we all learned it easily, so that our English improved quickly. Here, we learn not only English, but we also learn how to improve the courage, how to cherish the friendship, how to make friends.  At the end of time, I feel very happy and agreeable, because I can help BD to teach, can improve my English and improve othersí English and will make more good friends, to realize the important of the friendship.  --Alfred Liao 廖文峰


30.   It has been a wonderful 3 weeks with each other in La Salle. I have learned many things not only about English, but also about life. This is the first time I stay here, although I didnít know anybody at that time, now I have 4 more best friends. I will not forget the memories about our lives, especially the time with Hong Kong boys.  In these 3 weeks, I studied with each other, played with each other, we lived together, so we shared the feelings with each other, we are the family. After the Hong Kong boys leave us, I am a little sad because I am not willing to part with them. But they have to go back, and I believe that we will meet next time. I just want to tell them, we are family forever.  Thanks to Brother David so that I have more chances to learn more. I think when I grow up, I will join this job and help others. Thanks again for helping me to improve. I will study harder and harder to reward everyone. I want to say, I love you, everyone.  --Alsia Lin 林瑾


31.   For Class B, at the beginning, some of the students are shy to talk with us, during these days, we were teaching them to talk, to speak and to sing. Also, we were helping them to be familiar with this kind of study atmosphere, so itís getting better now.  For Class C, most of them are old students in here, so itís easier to teach them and let them talk to us. The most time we spent in class is to have conversation with our group members. I became friends with them, Iím like a big brother to them, they also like to ask me question, not only about study, also about life.  For Class D, they are like the separated two parts. One part makes me happy, another part makes me angry or sad. The member of happy part, they are very actively to talk with us, and make friends with us. The sad part, they are negatively, donít focus on class, and say some Chinglish to effect other students.

Finally, the lessons almost done, this holiday, I am here, LSSC, I gained a lot of laughter and joy, I hope I can come back here again and join this big family.   --Kent Liao 廖昊


32.   Hello, Itís my first time to stay here, and I spent three weeks to learn English here. I made many friends here, and I also learnt many things here. When I started to stay here and saw the Hong Kong boys, I introduced myself to them although I am kind of shy. After they knew I will stay with them in the same dormitory, they started to do introduction. Then we became friends. On the first day, my teaching was not good because I did not have any experience of teaching. But I learnt from other teachers, so I could teach well soon. At the third week, we would teach the students without Hong Kong boys because they went back to Hong Kong. But we also did well in our lessons. We have two more lessons and after that we will finish the summer lessons. On the last two days I will also work hard. I still have time to learn and help in Changjiao. Also, I will work hard. Changjiao provides a good environment for me to study English. I think my English will be better if I study here. Thank you Brother David, thanks for your contribution!  --Mark Guo 郭燚为


33.   LSSC, it is a big family, when I came here at the first time, I felt warm and harmony.  Dating back to three weeks. I have learnt a lot. Not only can I learn English, but also I can learn about our life, we can learn how to share, how to get along with other people. I am a volunteer, also I am a student. As a volunteer, I learnt a lot from my students. I taught them some knowledge, and they brought funny to me, I admired their imagination, creation ectÖÖ I could learn anything from them. It is a special experiment. In LSSC, grateful has a great impression on me. It is of great important in our life. BD always says有来有去,舍得分享. We should share with everyone. We need to say thank you for helpers. If we want to me a respectable person, we should learn to be grateful and thankful.  It will be an unforgettable experience in my life in LSSC. What the most important is co-operation and grateful, we get along well with each other, and make a lot of friends. I think that it is worthless, we could not use money to buy it. In LSSC, we could speak more English, we could not do this at home, because BD gave us opportunity to speak English, I think that we should cherish this opportunity.

--Sue Liao 廖苏婷


34.   In this summer, I came to LSSC. I have the honour to be a pupil teacher. In this process, I saw many also learnt a lot. I saw the Hong Kong boys, their English is very well. Such as I understand how to get along with students. Of course, I want to thank brother, because he made me have the courage to stand on the stage in the speech. At first, I was very nervous. Fortunately, Brother gave me a chance, at that time, I donít know what should I said! Then I told a little. Though it is not good, but I took the first step. So in the next few days, Iím for the present action is not afraid. I can do for each person to smile. For this speech I think it is very good to me in the next semester, because in the next semester I will go to Xingning Health School to study pharmacy. Though Iím a little regret why I didnít study hard, I envy those who can read their educations, because they have a chance to step into University. Iím spire to university life, there is no regret medicine in the world. So in the world, I will not be as decadent. As before, I will study hard, I believe I can! Fight!!  --Sunny Liao 廖阳阳


35.   Iíve been here to study for 5 years. It was my first time to help Brother David when I was in primary six. But now I am going to study in Meixian, I will be a senior high school student later. I learnt many things from Brother David in LSSC, especially these three weeks. As for my teaching, I found that many students are very hard-working, because they want to learn English. I am happy to see that. I taught them how to sing the grammar song. They have learnt quite good.  Also, they knew the basic sounds and 27 basic sentences well. I feel so pleased because I try my best to teach them. And now, Iím the one who look after the younger in our dormitory. Iím learning how to be responsible, although sometimes I make mistakes. At the same time, Iím learning how to arrange our group member to do some cleaning. I think it will be very good experience for my future life. Another important thing is that I made a lot of friends here. As everyone knows, friends are very important for us. Itís very good that I can make some Hong Kong friends, Malaysian friends like Uncle Marc, Auntie LV, Auntie Rose and also Brother David. This is a good place which can make us enjoy learning English and the wonderful life here. Thanks to Brother David for giving me such a good chance to study. The most important thing that I learnt from BD is that I must be thankful. The life here is so funny and happy, we must cherish the time we spend with friends here. At last, thank you everyone, I hope BD is in good health!

--Sue Huang黄舒


36.   During the three weeks in LSSC, I learned a lot and made many good friends. Last year when I stayed here, I was alone and I cried. But this year I didnít cry and I never feel alone because I have more and more friends. LSSC is like my own house for me. All the members in LSSC are my family. However, there is something unhappy for me like I paid 6 yuan for Lucy because I spoke Chinese these weeks.  So I will speak more English. This summer, Brother taught us ď51 262 77671Ē to help us make sentences, and I think ď51 262 77671Ē will be ďLasalle 之歌Ē. Next year, I still can sing this song because I love this song and I can sing this song everywhere. About Hong Kong boys, we gained friendship from them. Charles, Arthur, Axel, Gregory, Chris, Jackie, Gordon, Kevin, They helped us to teach, they helped us a lot. We are thankful to them. All in all, I am not willing to say goodbye to Hong Kong boys, Brother David, Aunty Rose, Uncle Marc, Aunty LV and other friends. Iím longing for next summer. About 347 days I can come back here again and study with my friends.  At last, I want to say : ď Thank you Brother, Uncle Marc, Aunty LV, Aunty Rose, Lucy姐,Kelly姐,Grace姐,Zhangxi 姐,Alsia姐,Shumin, Ice, Sue, Wendy 姐, Amy姐,Angeline姐, Yanni姐,Brother.SuÖ I love you forever!!! ^_^  --Angela Lin 林梦佳


37.   The time goes quickly. The three weeks will finish. The three weeks let me 收获很大。 I made many friends and gained the love.  And I also 被罚了five yuan. Though I had a little be averse to 被罚。However that can let me learn more English. I love LSSC, it likes my home. We are one Family, we are one. Like Brother said: ď舍得分享,有去有来Ē.  I love this sentence, because inside had many sense. I harvest many friendship, responsibility, polite and 私人财产。I canít forget, LSSC is in my heart forever.  --Li Shumin 李淑敏


38.   I still remember that day, on July 2nd 2014, I came to Brotherís house alone, at that time, I paced up and down, and I felt very nervous. Finally, I took a deep breath and came in, it is another world for me, my life has been changed from then on. At first, I always feel nervous, because everything to me is strange, Iím afraid of making mistakes. Fortunately, I got everybodyís help here. I want to thank Kelly, she helped me to adapt the new surroundings. As times going on, the lesson began. As a tutor, I have to teach students in Class B and C. Before teaching them, I had already felt the pressure I had. As Sister Lucy said, ďIf you want to do, then do it well.Ē I have to be responsible. So I tried my best to teach them, and found a best way which is good for their learning. I made plan for each of them, because their level of English is different. Sometimes, I make mistakes, but never mind, I learnt a lot from my teaching, my students, and my mistakes. One more thing left me a deep impression that is Andreaís birthday, I never think Brother will come to celebrate it with us. So I was moved. Now, I had already adapted to the big family and I love community life, we share everything we have and do housework together. Iím appreciate that I am the lucky one to be here, and I can feel Iím making progress in my spoken English, and I think the lessons brother has taught me will change my life. I know Iím not good enough, but I will be hard-working, to be a better person. HahaÖ Finally, I want to be a person that LSSC will be proud of me, Iím a Lasallian. --Fay Guan 管其飞


39.   This year, Iím graduated from Hushan Middle School. Iím very glad to come here to study I even stay here. I think Iím very lucky, since the passed three weeks, I have learnt a lot from everybody. Especially BD, he taught me how to make my life better and better as well as never be disappointed one, just look forward. He also taught me that I should think about what I need to do next time and never just look what I have gotten, particularly the bad result, I need to think more about how I can work it out. He is a sunshine man, he always encourages us to work hard and never say died. Actually, he also meets us with smile, thatís letting us feel kind. All in all, he is a hero in my heart. I love BD forever. What else? Oh, I know, Iím also making many friends here especially in my dormitory-my roommates. I think that is my pleasure, we lived together as well as played together. I stayed here and I think I can get the experiences. Particularly how can I make friends? How can I live with many people. I think that is good for my universityís life.  Anyway, Iím very grateful and thankful, because BD gave me the chance to learn everything, thank you Brother David, I always keep you in my heart. Iím a Lasallian. --Vanda Liao 廖永丹


40.   Iím so glad that I have a chance to stay at LSSC to learn English. It is a very good experience for me. During these three weeks, I learned a lot and made a lot of friends. For example, I knew how to clean up well and work together with friends. Also, I knew more about the meaning of ď有去有来,舍得分享Ē. I will put it to use in my life properly. I will cherish the time, chance, experience and friends at LSSC. Thank you Brother David! Thank you Lucy 姐!--Qiu Yuemin丘悦敏


LSSC Ė as Summer 的收获

Hello, My dear 伙伴们,这是我第2个暑假来LSSC。这一次与去年不同的是,我们还带了一个调皮鬼,那就是my young brother ĖSteven. He is only seven years old, but he is very strong and very cute.

来到这里发生了很多happy and so funny 的事,我给你讲讲其中的两件吧:

记得刚开学45天的时候,下课后,爷爷奶奶在说笑着头天晚上的趣事,我正好凑巧听到:头天晚上,我和Steven已进入甜甜的梦乡,奶奶也躺在了床上,当爷爷准备上床时,听见Steven在含糊而缓慢地读着ďaf-efĒ接着翻了个身又嘟噜着ďif-of-ufĒ,说完之后就继续睡了;爷爷偷笑着摇摇奶奶的手,奶奶却笑着说:ď我也听到咯.....Ē 这明显是Steven在梦里读着 ďBasic SoundsĒ呢; 哈哈~~ 这样的梦话我不知道我也说了没有;不过,这个Pinphonic 却是我们拼读英语单词的好方法。

更新鲜的是,我今年居然学到了ď神曲Ē Basic Grammar in Song》。这首歌是Brother David亲手编的曲帮助我们学习英语语法的歌曲;我和我的小伙伴们都唱得这歌挺顺溜、响亮和愉快。我们不仅在课堂上和在长教这里唱这个歌,甚至当我和Steven还有阳涛、阳增哥乘着星期日到梅州游玩时,还把它唱到梅州的街道上ďI goI am goingI was going to 梅州。......Ē ďI want, I want to eat, I wanted to eat Lao Shu Ban......惹着路上的行人都对我们露出惊讶和赞许的目光。LSSC不仅是学习英语的好地方,同时我也收获到了其他知识,认识了很多新朋友,得到了很多老师的帮助,在这样的环境里面我更学到了礼仪,礼貌和怎样与其他的小伙伴一起合作和懂得分享......

如果我去年没有来到这里学习,我想我不一定会在今年考试中达标以及不会对英语学习产生这么大的学习兴趣和学习热情。所以我要大声说:ďThank youBrother DavidThank you LSSCĒ今后,我不仅要自己学好英语,而且回到长沙后还要把这个方法教给我那些爱学习的小伙伴们。


--湖南省长沙市清水塘北辰小学四(1)班  Susan 童锦涵 





All good things must come to an end... that better things may begin!!!
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