La Salle Study Centre Changjiao

Some Thoughts and Reflections of Students Who Attended the
2010 Summer Reading Programme






Dear Brother David, Auntie Rose and Nancy:

        I am very proud to be a student in LSSC Changjiao. I have been studying here for three years. Count on this year, it should be the forth year.

        At first, I would like to say thank you to Brother David, Auntie Rose and Nancy. I feel grateful for you give me this opportunity to study in LSSC Changjiao, and allowing me to live in the old house. Since I came to Changjiao to study English, I have learnt a lot of things that I could never learn outside.

       This year I learnt a lot of things from the HK guys. They taught me to forgive others, to be grateful to others, to believe others.

       At last, I would say thank you to Brother David, Auntie Rose, Nancy and all of you again. I will study harder than before, and remember LSSC Changjiao forever!



       I have been a student studying English with Brother David for three years. In this summer holiday, Brother David invited some of us to stay at LSSC to learn English. I think I am very lucky because I am one of them and some students could not have this chance. By staying at LSSC, I can learn English better than before.

         In this summer programme, there are four boys and one girl from Hong Kong, who join us. They are very humourous . I have also learnt a lot from them. This year, I met many roommates. They are very friendly and they often helped me, so I want to say 'thank you very much' to them.

        Thank you, Brother David! You told us lots of stories and I think I really learnt a lot from them. You also taught me how to be a good man and I promise I will try my best to do that. Thanks Aunty Rose teaching us how to read the articles better ,and Nancy, in my mind, you are a good teacher and a good sister forever.

        Finally, I want to thank everyone here in LSSC and I would like to say that it is a unforgettable experience and it would be in my mind forever.



How time flies! By the year of 2006, I was still a  little pupil who knew very little about English( And even now). Then I met Brother David, a talent and warm-hearted Lasallian who made me fall in love with both English and all the virtues he has. By following him for almost four years, I improved a lot.  Each year I learnt a bit, then it made a big step.  Especially this summer programme 2010, I have made a great progress. I lived there, LSSC Changjiao, until the programme ended.  I used to be a boy who hardly ever washed my clothes or did the dishes. Through the 20 days or more, I am no longer the green hand of washing clothes or doing the dishes. Now I am able to arrange all the things I am going to do. I couldn't make it without Brother's help. He asked me to manage the water that is offered to the students. Actually, it's hard to fit it into my schedule, so I had to make another plan. I made it!! I succeeded!! And I did a good job (Brother told me that). I've learnt not just all above. I am getting more and more comfortable speaking daily English now. Throughout my time with him, I always got some wise suggestions from him. He broadened our eyes to the outside world. What an excellent man!!!!

      Last but not least, never forget what he has taught us: FSC(Faith, Serve, Community). Never Ever!! Forever friends!!! Forever La Salle!!!


Steven Lee

Hello everyone, I am Olivia, the university student who studied at LaSalle ChangJiao with Brother again this year, here I am writing an article to thanks our teacher, Brother. He is a kind-hearted man, we call him Brother and the villagers call him LiaoLaoShi. I think it is no need to describe him a lot since almost everyone in this area knows him, a kindness sixty-five-year-old man. What makes you surprised most perhaps is his choice, which was giving up the top position as a leader or headmaster but going back to this small village and teaching the students around without paid. To be honest, once I felt myself inferior to be born in such a poor place when I was compared with other classmates. However, after living and working in many developed countries, Brother still chose to devote himself as a teacher at a small village, not until I met him, did I realize how luckily I am to live here in Dabu. 

 This year as a sophomore, after weighting some choices, I chose to study with Brother again during this summer holiday, not only to improve English but also to learn how to live a meaningful life. Meanwhile, the Summer Program this time was last for twenty-two days, longer than last year, it means that in order to make it more perfect, Brother had to spent more time and energy to prepare and run for it! I can't stop to appreciate Brother's spirit! 

 We have a common song in LaSalle ChangJiao which is “Tomorrow will be better”, Brother taught us lots of truth from this song. Actually, the voice of Brother is still leave in my mind, ”Tomorrow can be better only if you make enough preparation now”. Yes, our live just like the interesting words “learn, earn, yearn”, only when you learn well and then you can use your knowledge to earn and learn, after that you can yearn for your life. Without enough preparation, things always go the wrong way, at that time, perhaps it is too late to regret it because there is no use to cry for the spilled milk. 

Brother influences me a lot, to be honest, although my major is Chinese Language and I was trained to be a teacher, I don't want to be a teacher at all, however, I will try my best to study hard and find a good job to earn enough money and then just like Brother, devote myself to this society.



Have you ever met a man who retuned home after living aborad for years and contributes all he can to his home village? Yes, you are right, He is Brother David. He creatived Changjiao in Baijiang. And have been helping many villager's children speak English for eight years already. Now, many students at this village can speak English very clear. He doesn't care return at all, He also hope can do more and more for his home village. What a great man he is! This summer holidays I lived in Changjiao. I met many good friends, they helped me a lot. During the time, I learnt a lot from Brother David. I really think I am very lucky, many students couldn't have this chance can live at there. Brother is an old man who is very kind and handsome, he gave me many good chance since I came to Changjiao to study English. This summer programme, Brother invited four handsome guys and one pretty girl who come from Hong Kong, in order to help us to practice our English speaking. In fact, I dislike English before, I think it's very boring, but when I came to Changjiao, I changed my thought. Now, English is a subject that I love best. Thank you Brother! And Nancy helped me to changed my habits, especially I also remember, when the first time I came to Changjiao, I made a mistake to how to use chopsticks right, Nancy taught me at once. Aunty Rose corrected my pronunciation, Steven helped me with my Math, Jake helped me with my English, Susan also helped me with my Math......many good friends ever helped me, I was very grateful, Thanks for Brother giving me this chance, I learnt a lot ,Thanks for Nancy, Aunty Rose teaching me a lot. When I grow up, I will try my best to repay.


2010 summer camp finished quickly.  It was my first year to teach students. I learned a lot of things from it like how to be more patient and kind. Although sometimes I felt tired, but when I thought of you I forgot about it right away.

 Look around the past years staying with you, I found that you have affected me.  I really admire your ability to keep balance, to form your social circle and how you face the difficulties in front of you.  Thank you, Brother David.  You are always my teacher.


Sincerely Yours.

Liao Wenchang


愛留戀 長教難忘回憶




七月初當我們學校都已經放署假,我正在專心的準備我們學校七月十六号晚上的Join School Drama Night,老師就告訴我LSSC的義工活動,剛好十六号以後我就沒事干,所以我就答應了。當時候我也不太清楚我該不該來,有一些時候我真想放棄因為沒有同年級的朋友(Christ, Franco 他們都比我大一年級)。就在我想不來的時候,老師就跟我說車票都買了,我還記得那天是十二号。從那個時候開始我就抱着「死就死了」的心罷開始準備,衣服、藥、隱形眼鏡……

十六号晚的表演完滿結了,我都困死了,十七号休息了一天,十八号大清早就始程去梅州。來到以後就看多「陌生人」,然後有一個就走上來要幚我拿行李,但是因為太陌生的關係我立刻就說不用了我自已拿,他好像不不開心阿!(後來我才知道那個是我最好的友朋仲明 XD )進入宿舍以後,氣氛非常非常不尋,我們四個站在最裏面,他們四個男孩就站在近門口一點的地方,然後互相看着,沈默了一分鐘左右,只是看着對方,誰都不感發出聲音,好像一發聲就會被吃了一樣。最後好像是Steven先開始自我介紹,我好像說了I am Ronald四次他們還是不太記得 >.<。我們當時候的感覺都是「死定了,這十四天怎樣過」。到了晚上的晚會,我的印像都是女孩子那邊頭三行的人,甚麼tiger mountain school JJJ。到分了組以後,我就認識了Wendy, Angeline, 莎莎, 思春, Simon,他們應該是除男生宿舍的人以外我最早認識的朋友。Simon好像教了幾天就走,到現在我也沒有跟他聯絡,如果你們知道他的QQ就告訴我呀!

十九号一開始就亂七八糟,第一我作為Leader我跟本就不知道同學們分組以後我要做甚麼,第二當分成小組以後有很多不同級別的同學令教學有很大的難度。幸好有AngelineSimon的教導,其他組員的合作和諒解,兩三天以後大部份的問題都解決了=]。但是還有Class Three,他們真的令我非常痛苦,最大的問題是他們又聰明又文靜。徦如我教他們BD準備好的材料,他們全部都明白的;但是如果我用我自已準備好的東西,他們就不太想參與。有兩次我把我的Class Three跟其他Class Three一起上課,我每次的感覺都不好意思,原因是比較之下,我會發現我的Class Three真的太靜,而且還影響了其他組的氣氛。每次我的老跟我討論教學問題時,必會提起我的Class Three,他們會跟我說「你有一個學生上課時走來走去」「你的學生不太專重你」「他們上課一定要說話,不說話的都必須讓BD知道」。我必須說對不起,因為我沒有做最好的準備所以你們都不投入我創作的課程,還有RossieWendy,你們本來就比較主動是很好的學生,但是卻來了我這一組,不能把我最多的學問教給你們,是我在Class Three最大的可惜。

第一個星期主要的回憶都是打牌,應該是從這做時候我認識了Rossie, Susan, Ashly, Amy,她們都是經常進來男生宿舍打牌的牌友 ^.^。當那個星期快完,大約星期四五左右,我開始為周未而煩惱,因為一個人的話,我們本來的計劃改了,就是因為這,我不開心了幾天。(改了甚麼讓我不開心是祕密 : P)。


24/7 live in steven house, having great dinner, skating at 虎山公園 洞天, Rossie and Susan are hurt.

25/7 登山公園>泰安樓>大捕縣博物館>Susan house, no electricity in the old house, prepared gp3, 看到螢火虫, helping others, XX cry. “I would like to be a doctor more than a pharmacist”

26/7 the day with least workload, gp1&2 are doing test on basic sound, gp 3 do role playing, the time table draft of Friday party is final out “I dun want to go home and I am afraid of it”

27/7 last chance for students to test, normal gp1&2, gp3 we play 爭椅子/reading, I fight with Lucus, someone give me a memo, I learn how to make stars, I am caught of speaking Chinese, 3 girls are …… in our room

28/7 今天是睡得最好的一日, I think today is the most successful teaching, gp3 we just use the material provided by the teacher, I have gone out and spent about 50, we have a party and I am asked to …… “I love using dictionary”

29/7 我開始有少少傷風, gp3 word guessing, I have gone out in the afternoon Ashily house>book store>buy gifts>吃茶果/薑味豆腐花/白色谅粉>Supermarket, making stars in the girls dom.

30/7 we get up at 0620 and it is just like the scene in Home Alone, I dun go for breakfast, I feel success in gp1&2, disappointed for gp3, I have taken a motorbike for the first time, the show tonight is successful, I have received many presents. “I feel sad about leaving”

31/7 normal gp1&2, gp3 a student help me to organize, I have taken the best lunch in Changjiao, we leave at 12:15, everyone cry, I dun know what to say I miss everything so much,

第二個星期,我開始感到時間過得越來越快,感到時間越來越不太夠用。自從我二十八/二十九号跟不同的人出去後,我發現還有很多人我沒有認識 (Selina, Anna, Bella, 亦媚, Sally …),還有很多話我沒有跟一些人說,還有很多東西我沒有教我的學生,還有很多很多事情沒有干好啊!

到了我在長教最後十二小時,就是三十一号00:15。那個時候Night Show已經過去,照相的活動也完了,有一些人睡,有一些人玩。我自己一個坐在"small hall",這裏非常靜非常的安寧,桌子上都放着不同朋友要我幚他們寫的留言册。我先一本一本的拿起來看,我的心就跳得越來越快,「為甚麼我看到他的名子,在我腦海裏面我完全找一點的片斷」,好像我跟本就不認識你們。腦子裹面都是空空白白的,看到那麼多留言册,但一個字都寫不出來,心情很急很亂很害怕。在長教最後一個晚上是空虛、寂莫、無助,我在想「我希望有一個朋友會來跟我聊天」,所以我一直在等,結果當然是沒有 =[ 。當我很艱苦寫完以後,我就好像聖誕老人一樣把它們送回去。我記得除了剛剛開頭寫的留言册以外,遣一一本我寫得投入一點就是最後的那本,那本的最後有五個字是我寫了那麼多留言册遣一記得的。『水蜜桃小_』

到了我在長教最後六小時,就是三十一号06:15。跟平常一讓也是早餐然後class one, class two, class three。遺一不同的是今天是我在長教的The Last Lecture最後一節課。在class one, 我遣一的學生黃钊,你是非常好學的學生,我希望你真惜在國內學英文的機會,要好好把它學好,「欲速則不;在class two, 文峰是我學生中最聰明和最愛說話的,你一定要好學一點,不要驕傲自大,還有燊权,你主動的罷度一定可以幫助你學好英文,只要多聽就可以了;在class three,一群令我又失望又感動的學生,謝謝你們為我準備的最後一節課,你們一定要主動,「學如逆水行舟,不進則退」。



這就是我的長教長教難忘回憶。首先,我要謝謝我的學校,給予我這寶貴的學習機會;第二,謝謝BD的包容,雖然我帶來了許多問題,依然讓我住在這兒;第三,謝謝朋友們的好客,讓我感受到大埔的「三好」,人好、景好、生活好。在長教我學會很多東西,但是BD有一句話,我認為非常有意思的,「God gives us two eyes, two ears, but one mouth」,willing to be a listener是我認為作為好朋友的第一條件,也是做人的第一條件。最後,我有兩個技術是我在長教的十四天學會的,第一是拿筷子,我要謝謝Nancy的嚴勵教導,現在我回到香港也是用正確的方法;第二是skating,我要謝謝滑冰場裏的師兄。



來到最後,其實還有很多的要說,還是有機會直接跟你們說吧!大家都努力讀書、用心耹聽、力爭上游。來香港的時候一定要找我。希望不久的將來我們可以再見,永遠都了友朋。always in touch, forever friends… 


梁譽鶱 Ronald

28/8/2010 16:16 

May God Bless You Always



All good things must come to an end... that better things may begin!!!
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